title from the Xenotilt trailer

XENOTILT Builds Upon its Predecessor to Deliver an Out of This World Pinball Experience

Pinball aficionados eat pretty well in the modern landscape of gaming. Series like Pinball FX bring a what-if attitude to cabinet design, licensing a myriad of IPs to create tables for your favorite games. On the other hand, titles like Yoku’s Island Express bring pinball mechanics to adventure games. And for those who like their music like their pinballs: Metal, they are more than likely aware of WIZNWAR’s occult pinball cult classic DEMON’S TILT. The title combined classic pinball gameplay with the chaos of a bullet hell shooter and delivered it with a haunting cabinet. Anyone who has conquered the terrifying table will be happy to learn that the team has returned with another offering of multiball madness with their upcoming title XENOTILT

The project proudly proclaims to deliver hostile pinball action on a brand new table, featuring a field filled with various alien invaders and outer space obstacles to combat with your furious paddle flapping. Aside from the base mechanics carried over from pinball, XENOTILT offers more opportunities for the player to bail on the ball and resort to more traditional means of firepower. The weapons range from typical rapid-fire blasters to winding beams of light, firing off as the player does their best to keep the ball in play amidst the chaos. 

XENOTILT also aims to expand upon the scale of the original title as well, offering avenues of upgrading yourself to aid in the intergalactic pinball power struggle. A new perk system should give the player more liberty to shape the gameplay to something that fits their style on the paddles. It looks like players will have to do more than just hit the ball good to get past the multiple screen filling boss battles throughout the title. While at PAX I was able to see the game in action, and while he was attending the booth, I was able to speak with Adam Ferrando, the creator of the series, and get his input on what returning players should expect in XENOTILT.

Adam Ferrando: It’s louder and more happening, yeah… Now this has guns, you can shoot turrets, it has an arc laser, which is basically a jackpot laser. Expect more bosses, more art, lighting, sound effects, everything. It’s just more everything… We’re not beholden to any day, but people will play it this year on PC… Our Steam page is up so you can find it and wishlist it.

If you want to test your pinball prowess against interstellar instigators, be sure to grab XENOTILT when it comes out this year. And you can sharpen your skills with DEMON’S TILT in the interim. And of course, if you are absolutely fiending for the latest and greatest in ghoulish and gruesome gaming, be sure to head back to DREADXP and read more of our spooky scoops!