A Wake Inn: Rebooked Announced

A Wake Inn: Rebooked is a first-person narrative game with an emphasis on horror. It’s based on A Wake Inn, previously a VR exclusive title.

Players will need to discover who they are and why they’ve found themselves confined to a wheelchair. How did they come to this hotel, and who is trying to guide them? Can they be trusted? What is going on with the creepy dolls and the distinctly art deco aesthetic?

The PC version of A Wake Inn will attempt to recreate the environmental freedom that, until now, has been confined to virtual reality. VR titles have unparalleled interactivity with their environments, and the developers of A Wake Inn: Rebooked seek to bring that to other platforms. There will also be a new ending, new locations, and redesigned mechanics. Stealth and combat will feature a rework to make them work outside of the intuitive experience in VR. There are also new quests and fully animated enemies.

A Wake Inn: Rebooked Screenshot
A Wake Inn: Rebooked will focus on the sense of vulnerability derived from waking up wheelchair-bound in an unfamiliar location.

A Wake Inn: Rebooked does not currently have a release date. One can, however, Wishlist and follow it on Steam to get the latest news as it approaches release. There’s also a trailer to go with the announcement.

VR Bros designed and published A Wake Inn and Rebooked. The original is currently available on Steam along with a demo. If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, be aware that it requires a compatible headset. The original A Wake Inn released late February of this year. VR Bros is based in Krakow, Poland. The team has years of experience with creating VR apps for a commercial audience, and has decided to enter gaming with A Wake Inn as their debut title.