Killer Shark Simulator MANEATER Swimming Onto The Epic Store

The Epic Store is quickly shaping up to be a major competitor to Steam, with publishers flocking to release their games on the newly launched platform. One such publisher is Tripwire Interactive, who will be bringing Maneater, their killer shark simulator, to the Epic Store later this year. Tripwire are developing the game in collaboration with Blindside Interactive.

As the title suggests, Maneater will be an open-world RPG about a killer shark with a taste for human flesh. Now, we know what you’re thinking, and no, this will be nothing like Jaws Unleashed, which was unquestionably one of the worst games ever made. Tripwire have a solid pedigree and have given us some great games in the past, including the Killing Floor franchise, so we can expect them to deliver a decent product.

It won’t all be about eating everything in sight, however, as Maneater will actually have a dedicated story in which the titular bull shark sets out to seek vengeance on the human who slaughtered his mother. And yes, that does sound kind of similar to the plot of Jaws: The Revenge, but that’s the last time we’ll mention Jaws in this article. Honest.

The RPG elements will come into play as you explore the vast open seas, as you will have the ability to upgrade and customize your shark, turning it from a simple fish into an unstoppable killing machine.

Maneater will swim onto the Epic Store within the first quarter of 2019, and will then arrive on other PC platforms twelve months later.

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