Maneater: Truth Quest DLC Launching This August

According to Tripwire Interactive, players can pick up and play the Maneater: Truth Quest DLC on August 31. As a massive shark and force of nature, players will be able to cause mayhem along the coast on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X|S systems in the very near future.

The Maneater: Truth Quest DLC picks up where the main game left off. You’re a massive shark, now, and there’s chaos to cause. Billing itself as a shARkPG, the player bloodied harbors and beaches as they tore through boats and unfortunate swimmers. Their vengeance isn’t complete, however. There may be more lurking beneath the surface. The shark will explore dark secrets and a massive conspiracy surrounding the innocent-seeming Port Clovis and the NWO.

Maneater Screenshot
The base game is on sale on Steam now, if you’re interested in causing a wee bit of mayhem.

The Naval Wildlife Organization denies that animals could grow armored bones, dissolve flesh with toxins from their bodies, or electrocute their prey. Which is an interesting take, as plenty of people are now pointing to the events of Maneater as proof they’re more than fisherman tales. Trip Westhaven, sensing some juicy content, readies his ViewTube Channel “Truth Quest.” He’ll lead his followers into the murky waters of the NWO’s operations. Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Life, Rick and Morty, Archer) returns as the investigative journalist.

Maneater: Truth Quest includes a bump to the level cap, several new zones, new enemies, and new evolutions to truly create an apex predator. The base game is available now on Steam, with a discount running until July 20. Tripwire Interactive released a brief trailer earlier this week detailing more about the Truth Quest DLC. Be sure to check out Intel Drop – Site P for more about the upcoming bloodbath.