Avoid Shapeshifting Monsters in Upcoming Adventure Game Creaks

When I was a kid I became absolutely convinced that my toys were alive. Not in the fun Toy Story way though, but more like the creepy Chucky way where they wanted to kill me. I’m still not really sure how I survived that. It turns out someone else must have had the same trauma, because Creaks is a horror adventure game about monsters that take the shape of objects to ambush people. The game will be coming out in a few weeks and it looks rad.

The idea behind Creaks is that, if you can’t see an object well enough, you’ll assume the worst of it. Specifically, you’ll assume it’s a monster that wants to kill you. And you know what they say about assumptions: they make monsters that want to kill you. By getting a better look at the object, such as getting it into a beam of light, you’ll see it for what it really is and no longer be threatened by its presence.

Naturally, this is also how you will solve puzzles. Lure the creatures into the correct position, and you can turn them in to what they’re supposed to be. After all, nothing makes a better object to hold a switch down than a coffee table. Or you can keep things in monster form, and use their movements to hit switches for you. Whatever the case, just make sure you don’t get yourself killed along the way, something that can happen if you’re not careful enough.

It helps that all of this is done by Amanita Design. The developer has been behind several popular adventure games, including Machinarium, Botanicula, and the Samorost series. Recently they put out Pilgrims, an Apple Arcade adventure game where you follow four characters and use cards to select the actions that you take.

While Creaks does not have a current release date, it is set to come out later this month for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist here.

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