Dead by Daylight Mobile Coming April 16th, Has An Adorable New Trailer

Idk what it is about mobile game trailers. It’s always about the game coming to life. Playing Elder Scrolls: Blades? Bam, there’s a dragon in your living room. Playing Hearthstone? Papow, you’re now a paladin doing battle with a mage in a tavern. Playing Clash of Clans? Whapo, you’re broke. I get that mobile games let you “play anywhere,” but let’s be real. You’re summoning dragons at work while shitting. I just want one mobile game to advertize all of that from the comfort of your company’s bathroom. And hey, Dead by Daylight is the perfect fit! It’s a game where you’re SUPPOSED to shit yourself! Both in terror and as a secret perk to escape the killer.

Dead by Daylight has got to be one of my favorite horror success stories. By developer Behavior Interactive, Dead by Daylight is the game that just cannot die. Originally released in 2016, the asymmetric multiplayer horror game pits 4 survivors against 1 very determined killer. Plenty of asymmetric games have come out over the years. Not all of them have made it past the first three months. But Dead by Daylight has consistently churned out content, each more impressive than the last. On April 16th, players will have the chance to experience the phenomenon on their phones with Dead by Daylight Mobile.

If you’re down with the DbD, you should head on over to the Dead by Daylight Mobile site and pre-register now. Milestone rewards are unlocking for those that pre-reg, so why not? Give it a shot. Murder while you poop. I don’t judge.

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