Necrobarista Has You Pour One Out For All The Fallen Homies

Australia is usually seen in games the same way it appears in Crocodile Dundee. A seemingly endless arid grassland with a hundred types of bugs and animals that want to kill you. But what most games forget to include in their depiction is the deep connection with the underworld. As you may or may not have heard, Australia is where all souls must travel on their way to the great unknown. At least, that’s how it seems in Necrobarista. 

Necrobarista puts you in the role of Maddy, owner, operator, and necromancer of The Terminal. A trendy Melbourne café, The Terminal is also a waypoint between the world of the living and that of the dead. Spirits can stop in for a latte before going to the big sleep, and there are strict rules for keeping the ghostly patrons in line. 

There may be extended first-person sequences in Necrobarista, but it is very much a visual novel. Maddy’s story follows a number of ghosts and non-ghosts who pass through her shop, each one with their own narrative to experience. “Every chapter of the story is interspersed with first-person exploration sequences that allow patrons to delve deeper into The Terminal while also providing the opportunity to choose which narrative threads to investigate next.”

Necrobarista will be available for PC on July 22nd, with a PS4 version coming next year. To wishlist the game, check out their Steam page here.

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