Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis Key Art

Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis Invades June 1

Come hell or high water, you’ll fight to survive in Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis. Find it on Steam, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X|S, PlayStation 4, iOS devices, and Androids starting this Wednesday, June 1.

The 2D RPG comes from indie publisher and developer Valorware, also known for 9th Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil. Impressively, the ports were all ready-to-go on launch day, an accomplishment and no mean feat for an indie developer.

Set in Razore City, Pinku Kult revolves around the desolate, grim metropolitan region that happens to have a slightly severe infestation of demons. The shadowy Shōkan Corp tasks you, a citizen of Razore City, with investigating the incidents and reveal the mastermind, a mysterious girl in a fox mask. The RPG allows you to customize your player character with various outfits and hairstyles. You can’t fight crime if you ain’t cute, after all, and you can acquire more masks as you progress. The boss battles feature several phases and variations to conquer, and pair nicely with the hand-designed dungeons. There’s plenty of time to plan your moves using the turn-based system, with a battle order indicating who strikes and when.

Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis Screenshot Roku Band
Pinku Kult gives off some strong adult Monster High vibes (complimentary) with maybe some Shadow Hearts gameplay baked in.

Hana Eaton began Pinku Kult in the UK as an apparel and tattoo brand. Eaton started working in art full-time in 2015. Since then, Eaton has become known for a style revolving around colorful demonic feminine figures. Hana strives to support a message of inclusivity and ensure that designs and products are suitable for everyone. Pinku Kult: Hex Mortis marks the brand’s first foray into the gaming industry.

Valorware, based in the UK, focuses on creating immersive and content-rich RPGs. Led by Tom Au, the studio’s other creations include Flewfie’s Adventure, Throne Quest, and the aforementioned 9th Dawn series.