Psychological Horror Game MY BEAUTIFUL PAPER SMILE Mixes We Happy Few With Helicopter Parents

Quick question: is there anything more creepy than children? Seriously, I know they are supposed to be cute. But take any regular spooky idea, making it tiny, and all of a sudden it’s way spookier. Today’s episode of “Ted’s Crackpot Theories” comes from My Beautiful Paper Smile. Set in a dystopian world where things would already be spooky enough, My Beautiful Paper Smile makes it all creepier by adding children. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer:

From the Official Press Release:

Vicarious Publishing, a new game publisher from the award-winning company Vicarious PR, has announced its first-ever title My Beautiful Paper Smile, a psychological horror game about children trapped in a facility raising them to be “perfect”.

In My Beautiful Paper Smile, players take on the role of a “Joyous”, a child part of the operation to make all children perfect by always smiling. However, the protagonist does not appreciate everything that has been done by the facility. The child wants to escape. This 4-chapter title brings a gripping storyline about children’s imprisonment, thrilling puzzles for players to solve, an eerie supernatural setting, and more.

“My Beautiful Paper Smile will touch everyone when they play through it as it takes on sensitive issues we all acknowledge but never talk about,” said Michael Brown, CEO of Vicarious Publishing. “This title puts childhood experiences of mental health into perspective with horror environments.”


  • Stunning hand-drawn graphics
  • Unique unsettling atmosphere
  • Deep engrossing story
  • Free yourself and try to escape the authorities ‘education’ facility
  • Run and hide from the faceless one
  • Solve tension inducing puzzles on the path to freedom
  • Uncover the reason behind the operation
  • Discover the dark mystery behind the authorities’ twisted scheme
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