Silent Hill 2: VR Concept Trailer Proves Just How Much Fans Love The Franchise

I don’t think it needs to be proven just how badly fans want a new Silent Hill. After the cancellation of Silent Hills, not a month goes by without a new hopeful rumor or speculation popping up. Everyone wants it. Everyone knows it. And yet, with still no official word from Konami about a new game, it’s up to fans to sate the ever-increasing appetites of the masses. Luckily, there’s no lack of talented indie devs and artists willing to take up that mantel.

Today’s tantalizing tidbit comes from YouTuber Hoolopee. He created the Silent Hill 2: VR concept trailer shown above. In it, we get to see James fight off monsters, solve puzzles, run from Pyramid Head, and throw a pizza in glorious first-person. I’m not a huge fan of VR, but even I’ll admit that the part where he was fishing a key out of the sewer drain got me wondering what would be possible from a VR remake.

While the whole trailer runs in Blender, none of it is playable. It is unfortunately just a proof of concept. Still, it goes to show just how dedicated the fandom is that he’d take the time to make a trailer for a project that doesn’t even exist yet. Let’s hope that this is the final torch that lights a fire under Konami’s ass/

  • Adam Crill
    March 7, 2020

    I have a psvr. This trailer made me cry. I loved silent Hill 2.

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