Sally Face Concludes Five Year Journey On December 13th

I’m the kind of guy that rarely watches new shows out of fear of them getting canceled. There’s nothing quite as crushing as getting a few seasons into a story, falling in love with the characters, and being left on a cliffhanger. It should be the law that you have to write each season to at least have some kind of conclusion. You can get an after-credits cliffhanger upon renewal. Failure to comply will be punishable by a forced reading of every fanfiction written to supplant your shitty ending. Especially the slash fictions. For video games, imagine not even getting the full season. Buying into episodic games is always a gamble. Sometimes they just run out of money on Episode 3. Right during the mid-season climax before the hiatus and renewal announcements!

So I always do a happy little dance in my brain when I see one cross the finish line. Especially after an incredibly long journey. Initially released back in August 2016, Sally Face has been getting about one episode a year since then. Which is not a whole lot of content for an indie point and click adventure game. It’s the kind of delayed development that sinks projects. Yet despite that, Sally Face still maintains a coveted Overwhelmingly Positive Steam user review score. It’s a testament to the game’s compelling vision and unique narrative.

For those of you that have been waiting for the series to conclude, you’ll finally get your wish. On December 13th, Sally Face will release its fifth and final episode. If you haven’t played it yet, you should definitely check it out. It’s a point and click adventure game inspired by 1990’s Nicktoons, and developed by a single guy (Steve Gabry). You play as Sal, a young boy with a prosthetic face and a non-copyright infringing Gear Boy that lets him speak to the dead. If you want to check it out, the first episode is only $2.99. All of the episodes together only total up to $15. So why not check it out?

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