Take a Selfie With an Alien At Two Different Times of the Day in Cellular Harvest, Available Now

First shown off at EEK3, alien photography game Cellular Harvest showed us that we could enjoy taking pictures of alien life without them trying to kill us. This is always a good thing, because sometimes I want to just enjoy the creative worlds. Well good news: Cellular Harvest is available today. It’s also broken into two different, very similar, games.

The idea is rather simple. You land on an alien planet and need to catalogue the various aliens you’ll meet there. An on-board AI will help you as you do so, and you’ll need to determine if the planet is safe to live on or not. You have to do this because it’s the distant future and Earth isn’t actually an option anymore. So hopefully the pictures you take are nice, because they’ll decide if we’re going to move into this world.

In a way it’s easy to compare Cellular Harvest to Pokemon Snap. However, there’s another reason you can compare the games as well: there’s actually two different versions of it. Cellular Harvest: Green and Cellular Harvest: Purple are, for the most part, the same game. However the first one takes place during the day, while the other one takes place at night. You can grab both games bundled together for the same price as buying one on its own, but this way you can just choose what time of day appeals more to you.

If you like the idea of Cellular Harvest then you can grab the bundle with both games on Itch.io.

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