[TGA 2019] No More Heroes 3 Trailer Has Psychotic Sparkle Aliens

Well, this has got to be the best trailer ever. Originally announced at E3 2019, No More Heroes 3 garnered a lot of buzz for being a No More Heroes game. I’m mostly serious. No More Heroes is the living embodiment of chaos, mashing together pointless minigames, epic bossfights, and masturbation jokes all into one package. With the first No More Heroes 3 trailer, we got to watch Travis Touchdown take a shit, then fight aliens in a mech suit. Yup, that’s a No More Heroes game.

With the new No More Heroes 3 trailer, we get the backstory for the galactic conflict. In classic anime style, a young boy makes friends with a stranded alien named Fu. After sending him back to his homeworld, Fu returns 20 years later. However, Fu has since become a space genocidal maniac, and starts fucking shit up. It’s as irreverent and iconoclastic as ever, and exactly what I want from a No More Heroes game. The trailer we saw at TGA 2019 was a shortened version, with the full version being what’s linked above.

No More Heroes 3 is releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in 2020. No words yet on what quarter or a price point.

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