Think You’re A Horror Fan? Well, Have You Played Zombies Ate My Neighbors Recreated In Doom… In VR?

I think we, as a collective consciousness, have peaked. Remembering Zombies Ate My Neighbors in 2020 is one thing. Playing it is another. Recreating it the original Doom engine is the mountaintop. Taking that modified version and playing it in VR is pure transcendence.

The video above comes courtesy of Press Start to Begin, a small YouTube channel that focuses on VR games. The Zombies Ate My Neighbors TC (Total Conversion) mod itself is created by Dude 27th, who for some reason doesn’t have any videos on his channel of him playing it in VR. Adding another layer of abstraction, the mod is built in GZDoom. GZDoom is an advanced version of ZDoom, which has been discontinued. ZDoom is a source port of the original Doom engine, which allows players to create and run Doom modifications on modern hardware. If you think that’s a lot, trust me, the rabbit hole goes much, much deeper.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors TC has been in the works for a while, with Early Access opening up July 15th 2019. There are still a ton of features that need to be added, but so far it’s looking great. If you want to check out the project yourself, you can find the ModDB page by clicking here. If you like what you see, consider supporting the creator on Patreon. The dude only has 6 patrons, so he could use the love.

  • rk
    April 23, 2020


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