Play As The Monster In Viking Horror Game DARKBORN

A few years ago, we reported on a very unique looking horror game set in the Viking era, which was being worked on by The Outsiders, a studio founded by formed DICE employees David Goldfarb and Ben Cousins. At the time, the game was only known as ‘Project Wight’, but thanks to IGN, we now know that it will be called Darkborn, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

If you read our news piece from back in 2016, you’ll know that the game will be about a monster hunting down the murderous humans who drove its kind to extinction. Thanks to IGN’s new preview, we’ve now been given our first clear look at the creature you’ll be guiding throughout the journey, and it looks like something out of Scandinavian folklore with a modern horror design element thrown in for good measure.

Although it’s only an infant, we can see that the creature will still be incredibly large and strong, so it will have no difficultly tearing humans apart limb from limb. It won’t all be about brute strength, however, as stealth will still be required in certain areas. The bat-like flaps under its arms will also give you the ability to glide over the vast forests as you hunt your prey, but you’ll have to be careful not to be seen.

And make no mistake, the forests are your home, and the humans are the invaders. Playing as the monster in a survival horror game gives Darkborn a unique twist, making it an experience like no other. As Goldfarb was quoted as saying, “Darkborn is first and foremost a game about being a monster, laying it is about experiencing that monstrous quality – in first person combat, in novel abilities and movement, and even in enemy reactions to you.”

Although the story was obviously influenced by Beowulf, Goldfarb has also cited less likely works such as Bambi and King Kong as being inspirations, as well as other video games such as Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of the Colossus. Despite the eclectic range of influences, we can see that Darkborn will clearly be something completely new and original, making it a truly worthy project in a market crowded with sequels and remasters.

As the IGN article goes on to explain, The Outsiders consists of a team of just 25 developers, which is why the game is taking so long, although we can see from the preview below that it’s clearly come a long way since it the first footage was revealed three years ago.

Either way, Darkborn does not yet have a release date, but we will definitely be keeping this very interesting game on our radar.

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