Justin Counts Down To Halloween Day Twenty: A New Day For Horror

For me, today’s game is a little different than the other games I’ve talked about so far. Today’s game is brand new, and I knew it had to go on this list after a few hours in. And when I beat it for the first time, it cemented itself on my list. Every once in a while, you get an indie game that not only competes with the games that inspired it but surpass it. And today’s game is…


SIGNALIS follows Elster, a replikant, as she wakes up from cryosleep to the ship she is on in shambles. There are bodies, and Elster is on the hunt for someone she needs to find. She’s not sure why but she does. There is Sci-Fi horror here and droves, and it is all fantastic. As you explore the derelict spaceship, you’ll uncover the truth about what really happened. With it being a new game, I’m really trying to keep my lips sealed on this, but I really think fans of Silent Hill and Resident Evil are going to love this game.

Gameplay-wise, SIGNALIS is a 2.5D horror game. You’ll have to manage dwindling resources where sometimes it’s better to run away than to face the horrors head-on. It’s got this great map that clearly marks things off as you go, and rarely do we get good maps in horror games. The puzzling in SIGNALIS is also fantastic. There are some challenging puzzles here that require you to really take everything into consideration. For example, you get this radio very early, within the first hour, and you need to use it to decode some information that you were given half an hour ago. It’s fantastic and required me to pull out a notepad to track my info. And I love that.

The aesthetic of SIGNALIS is this wild mix of isometric but sometimes first-person amazing pixel art that really suits its brutal sci-fi world. I’m really trying not to say too much, other than if you like horror, go play SIGNALIS.

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