New Trailer Shows Off 9 Minutes of Liberated Gameplay

I’m a sucker for a good dystopia. Which I guess means a bad dystopia… What I mean is, the more dark, grey, and miserable, the better. And of all the dark grey dystopias, none looks more miserable than Liberated. Which means it looks good! Just… just watch the trailer above.

If you’re not already familiar, Liberated is a tech-noir thriller set in the near future. You know what that means! Evil corporations, authoritarian governments, and surveilance drones. From Polish developer Atomic Wolf, Liberated uses a unique greyscale comic book aesthetic. As the story unfolds, gameplay takes place from panel to panel. Your future isn’t already written in stone, as various different branching paths means you get to write your story as you play. Regardless of what you pick, chances are it will be gritty and sad.

If you’re interested in checking out Liberated, you can click here to find the game’s Steam store page. You can buy it later this year first on the Switch, then shortly after on PC through GOG or Steam.

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