Agony: Lords of Hell Art

Agony: Lords of Hell Announced

Rejoice! There’s a new title from World of Agony from Madmind Studio and Team Alpha. Agony: Lords of Hell will begin a Kickstarter campaign next summer. Team Alpha will also support Succubus with both free updates and paid DLC throughout next year.

Agony: Lords of Hell will tell the story between Agony and its sequel Succubus. The interlude will reveal the ultimate fates of king Nimrod and Vydija. After the rightful rulers of Hell left their positions, it began a war for the throne of Hell. The various lords, ruling over their domains, amassed armies of demons to destroy the rules who once threatened them. Nimrod and Vydija will not only need to maintain their current positions, but expand their empire and crush their enemies.

Agony: Lords of Hell Screenshot
The latest entry in the Agony series will involve management and strategic gameplay.

The gameplay for Agony: Lords of Hell takes inspiration from the Populous series. Nimrod will develop the city and manage the army, while Vydija will command the army from her position on the ground. Her high rank among other succubi will allow Vydija to bring unaligned combatants to their cause.

In 2022, the team will launch a Kickstarter, allowing players to fund the project and determine the scope of Agony: Lords of Hell. The campaign will include a demo to supporters, allowing them to acclimate to the world and plan strategies for victory. The first trailer debuts today during the Madnight 2021: Horror Showcase. Last, but not least, you can Wishlist and follow the game on Steam.

Madmind Studio is an indie game development studio founded in 2016 by Tomasz Dutkiewicz. Its team has over a decade of experience in the game industry, using their talents to attract passionate newbies and create quality titles. Team Alpha is one of Madmind Studio’s internal teams.