Agony’s Combat Heavy Spin-off Succubus Gets a Free Prologue Chapter

Oh, the agony! Specifically, the agony of Agony. Between a rocky development cycle, the strange “will they won’t they” on the unrated version, and the simple fact that the game is full of aggressive sexual and gory imagery, it’s a shock that Agony both managed to be released and sold as well as it did. Now its follow-up, a combat heavy spin-off known as Succubus, has a free demo available.

If you’ve never played Agony, the game follows a man named Nimrod as he wanders through hell, trying to find the Red Queen so he can be sent back. One of the many enemies he may encounter is succubuses, and they’re quite the threat. Now in Succubus you just get to play as one. You’ll take control of Vydija, a succubus that is currently seeking revenge after some demons take her kingdom from here. You’ll do so in first person combat, with the game having some fast and frantic combat with many weapons to choose from.

The prologue will give you a first look at the game for free. Included is the hub world and two of the levels from the full game. You can buy weapons and items to fight enemies, and get a good idea of what sort of violence you can get up to. Also you can kick people into pits of lava, which is a bonus. If you’re into horrifying material, Succubus may be for you.

If it is, Succubus doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can try this demo for free.

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