Arboria Key Art

Arboria, the Norse Roguelike, is Coming Out of Early Access

Norse mythology is a rich vein for ideas. You haven’t giant trees, giant wolves, and of course Thor. Arboria knows what you like, and is provided it as it comes out of early access this year. The new trailer showed off a lot of the roguelike action coming to your PC. Procedurally-generated dungeons will test your skills in fast-paced combat arenas. You’ll play as a mythical yotun warrior. You must heal the father tree, Yggr. The aesthetic is a strange, biomechanical bit of madness mixed with dark fantasy. Nothing is really ever what it appears to be.

It’s ok though, because in-between these combat areas you’ll have a place to take a breather and upgrade. Gathering veri is the name of the game. It can be used to upgrade your yotun to make you more powerful. A more powerful yotun means an easier experience. If you complete a run, your next yotun comes back stronger. Fail, and you may end up with traits you don’t much like. mutating your character is the way to go. Using symbiotic weapons you’ll hack, slash, and blast your way through Arboria and the increasing number of enemies.

The developer, Dreamplant, Studio is a game dev crew based out of Bydgoszcz, Poland. Their mission statement is to create interesting experiences. The commitment to the Norse aesthetic and dreamlike but spooky atmosphere is a sight to behold. It feels a bit like Apsulove: End of Gods with it it’s strange mix of plant life and mechanical monstrosities. Arboria has been in early access since 2020. The full release is planned this year, and it will receive continued updates. You can play Arboria right now, and watch the trailer below.

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