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Death Trash is Entering Early Access in August

I appreciate a game where you can throw up and put it in your pocket. That’s one of many things you do in Death Trash. Death Trash is a mix of old school post-apocalyptic role playing game like Fallout, and modern action shooters. Coming in with those deep role playing sensibilities, but playing like a slick, modern action game; Death Trash aims to suck you in, chew you up, and spit you all over the desert. Ancient horrors have arrived on earth. They want to feast on our minds and bodies. Unfortunately for them, a bunch of punks with guns aren’t going to let that happen.

Death Trash is developed and Published by Crafting Legends from Berlin, Germany. The post-apocalyptic splatterpunk aesthetic is wonderful. I have talked about it, but the trailer shows a dude picking up his puke and putting it in his pocket. This of course is the kind of interactivity that I appreciate. The monsters shown are suitably cosmic and terrifying. Movement looks smooth. I saw a dodge roll in there. The gore is wild and absolutely out of this world, much like the monsters on display. I saw a giant squid monster! I love a good giant squid! There was also a giant, crying blood, while standing in a giant pool of blood. Hey look; It’s the most metal sentence I’ve ever wrote.

Please make no mistake, gameplay is fast-paced but deep. There are ranged, melee, and and stealth combat options. A dialogue system allows you to make those difficult decisions. There is a crafting system. The developers have teased a skill section that includes puking. Does this interest you? You can wishlist the game here, and watch the trailer below. Death Trash will release into early access on August 5th.

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