The Only Way You Survive In Silence is by Being Very Quiet

It’s always fun seeing what kind of twist people try to put on an established formula. Asymmetric multiplayer horror games, which have been seeing a surge in popularity since Dead by Daylight started doing rather well, but everyone has to put their own spin on it to stay relevant. In comes In Silence, the next attempt at enrapturing the masses.

The idea isn’t too different from many others in the genre. The game has five players take the role of survivors, who need to fulfill a list of tasks. They can chose to do so stealthily, though in a bit of a twist they also have the option to find and use weapons against the monster. However they chose to do it, they just need to make sure to be quiet, as there’s the sixth player to watch out for.

This sixth player takes control of a monster known as Rake. Like many horror monsters, Rake can make very short work of survivors thanks to its many many teeth and claws. However, there’s an important catch: Rake is nearly blind. Instead, it needs to use sound to locate its victims. Each action a player makes has noise, and the more noise a player makes the easier it is for Rake to find them. So you better make sure you don’t do anything dumb like step on a stick while backing up. That’s how you die.

If all of that sounds like fun, you can add In Silence to your Steam wishlist for when it launches.

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