New Blood Trailer Subtly Announces Five Games In Development

If you came for an article about the previously announced New Blood titles, you’re out of luck. This article is 100% speculation on a few blurry screens shown today during New Blood’s trailer during the PC Gaming Show. Interspersed between gameplay of Amid Evil, Ultrakill, Fallen Aces and more, we saw a few short glimpses of black and white that are, presumably, unannounced games. 

There are five in total. The first is at the :12 second mark. This appears to be a top down shooter, as hellish (or maybe as bulletish) as a bullet hell can get. The protagonist looks to be wearing a Scarecrow mask, but it’s hard to see anything that’s going on. Massive explosions, projectiles projecting, all the fun stuff in this Nuclear Throne style game. Hell yeah.

At :17 we see an isometric cityscape of what looks like a 60’s street. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is we’re looking at here, but I would hazard a guess, based on what look like robots and laser guns, that this is a sort of retrofuturist isometric RPG. Imagine Fallout before, well, all that fallout. 

Next up at :23 seconds we have a car. And it’s driving through a mountain road. There might be a gun on it. And there’s what looks like in the distance a spinning floating object that’s probably a collectable video game item. Other than that, I’m stumped. This could be a racing game or a vehicular combat game or a PS2 style Deadly Premonition inspired game. It’s literally two seconds of video. 

Fourth is at :28 seconds. We see a girl in a high school hall offering to take us somewhere. She, however, has an arm sprouting out of where her face should be. So I would guess this is something along the lines of Doki Doki Literature Club. Slice of life anime horror.

The fifth one is one of the more intriguing ones here. Seen at :38 we have… Amid Evil? Clearly that’s the axe from Amid Evil, but something’s different. Took me a few times watching to get it, seeing as I have a single digit IQ, but I now see that it’s Amid Evil in VR. That’s right, you can enter the game and cast spells and swing axes all in virtual reality. Awesome. 

As Dave Oshry, New Blood CEO, stated in this article for PC Gamer, all of these games are real and in development. To what extent, that varies. Just know that in addition to the Faith series and the many boomer-shooters New Blood has in store for us, there’s five others you can expect to hear more about soon.

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