Bramble: The Mountain King is Nordic Folklore Horror

Swedish developer Dimfrost Studio announced a horror adventure game today. Bramble: The Mountain King takes inspiration from Nordic folklore, and boasts atmospheric environments, gorgeous visuals, and easy-to-grasp gameplay. It’s planned for next year on Steam and various consoles.

A rather shy young boy travels through a land of myth and fantasy to find his courageous older sister. Along his way, he’ll need to face his fears as he journeys through the dark, spooky environs. The two of them sneak out at night, wandering into the forest nearby. Both of them begin to explore an ancient crumbling ruin, but the ground suddenly collapses, sending them down to the lost world of Bramble. The two of them begin to explore, making friends with friendly, curious spirits. But, not long after, a troll ambushes the siblings, abducting the older sister. While he tries to find her, he’ll learn about a curse blighting the world of Bramble. Something dangerous hides and waits in the darkness.

Bramble: The Mountain King Nacken Boss Screenshot
The Näcken, or Nixie, is one of the many creatures you’ll encounter in Bramble: The Mountain King.

Dimfrost Studio was founded in 2017 by four university students. Their first game was A Writer and His Daughter, also released in 2017. Bramble: The Mountain King is their second release. Dimfrost Studio joined Zordix in 2020. Since its founding four years ago, the studio’s development team has tripled in size. The studio will also handle the publication of Bramble: The Mountain King. Dimfrost Studio is based in Norrköping, Sweden, roughly 100 miles away from its capital, Stockholm.

There’s a trailer out now, and you can Wishlist Bramble: The Mountain King on Steam ahead of its 2022 release now. Following it on Steam will also clue you in to the latest regarding its development, and as always, Dread XP will be keeping an eye on it.

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