Dead by Daylight Gets Crypt TV Costumes for Killers

Today Behavior Interactive and Crypt TV teamed up to announced that three killers in Dead by Daylight will get three new costumes based on monsters from Crypt TV.

The pack will give new costumes to killers based on some of the popular monsters featured in Crypt TV. The Hag will get to dress up as The Birch Witch, the Doctor will get to become The Look-See, while the Huntress will get to cosplay as The Mordeo. All of the costumes can be grabbed in Dead by Daylight‘s in-game store, and these are the first licensed content in the game that you can earn using shards that you earn in-game rather than having to pay for them. It’ll take quite a bit of work, but it’s probably worth it if you’re interested as playing as one of the three featured Crypt TV monsters. In addition to this, on May 13th the develops of Dead by Daylight, Crypt TV’s Alyssa Onofreo, and Youtuber Dead Meat will all team up and play a few rounds of Dead by Daylight together on

It should be noted that these are just costumes for existing killers, and so there’s no special powers or abilities associated with the Crypt TV monsters. Instead they’ll just play like the killer has always played, but with a cool licensed character skin. If you’re looking for unique killers, Behavior is set to do a presentation on the upcoming Resident Evil expansion that was announced at Capcom’s recent showcase. They also recently released The Trickster, a Kpop-inspired killer that throws knives at survivors.

You can grab the Crypt TV costumes in Dead by Daylight, and you can grab Dead by Daylight on pretty much every platform now.

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