Charon’s Staircase, Horror Mystery, Slated for Q4 2022

Charon’s Staircase is a horror mystery game about totalitarian regimes and the atrocities of its past. Indigo Studios partnered up with SOEDESCO back in August to help bring it to fruition. Today, the latter showcased a short new teaser trailer showing off the atmosphere and premise of the story. The team plans to launch it late this year. Find it on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The teaser takes the player through the gloomy Oack Grove. Charon’s Staircase features a depressing, stuffy Victorian atmosphere, and takes inspiration from the vintage Central-European era.

Charon's Staircase Creatures
Whatever’s going on, it seems quite clear that you aren’t alone in Oack Grove.

In the 1970s, The Ministry ruled its people with an iron fist. To maintain their leadership, they performed numerous unethical and inhumane acts. As far as The Ministry is concerned, those days are over, and the country plans to join the European Union in the near future. The player takes control of an agent known as Desmond, who travels to the Oack Grove estate at The Ministry’s behest. While there, Desmond must retrieve and destroy classified documents, but the discovery of Project Alpha gives the government agent pause. Desmond now seeks to uncover the truth and reveal it to the world. If he can survive the perils of Oack Grove, that is.

Indigo Studios is an indie game development studio based in Spain. They seek to make games with an emphasis on story and atmospheres with highly-developed scripts. The team also specializes in original soundtracks and maintaining the dramatic atmosphere of scripts regardless of their genre.

Publisher SOEDESCO was founded in 2002 as a developer, publisher, and distributor by Soedesh Chauthi, its headquarters in Rotterdam. It also has offices in Madrid and Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Titles by the company include Monster Crown, Owlboy, Saint Kotar, Among the Sleep, and many others.