Deadlane is the Horror Racing Game Mashup We Never Knew We Wanted

When you think of horror there’s a lot of genres that come to mind and mix well with it. Racing usually isn’t one. However the upcoming Deadlane is seeking to change that, and it just hit Kickstarter to hopefully make the money needed for it.

It may seem weird to see a racing game inspired by Dead by Daylight, but that’s the idea with Deadlane. You and four other players will be racing laps on a horror-themed track. However there’s a catch: one of these players is marked as The Chaser. The Chaser has several advantages, including driving faster, better handling, unlimited turbo, and more. Yet the Chaser also has a curse: no matter what place they’re in when they complete the lap they die instantly. You can pass the curse on to other players like a missile, though you just have to be sure to actually hit them before the lap ends.

However, the Chaser isn’t the only threat on the road. There’s various environmental hazards present in each track looking to take you out. In addition to this, the tracks are haunted by Telly, a spirit that wanders each track randomly. Telly’s moves aren’t scripted, and if you get too close to her she’ll attack, making her a hazard that all drivers need to watch out for. Also, you need to win the race. It all makes for a rather intense sounding match.

Deadlane is currently on Kickstarter and is asking for $30,000 to make this racing horror game a reality.

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