Devolver Digital Announces They’ve Acquired Serious Sam Developers Croteam

Serious Sam is about to make some serious money. Today Devolver Digital has announced they acquired Croteam, the developers of the famous Serious Sam series and well-loved first person puzzle game The Talos Principal.

The acquirement may not be too much of a surprise to some. On its website, Devolver Digital goes over how the partnership happened. The short version is that the original Serious Sam was published by Gathering of Developers. When they shut down in 2004, the founders were friends with Croteam and went on to make Devolver Digital in 2009. Looking for something to publish, their first games would include ports of old Serious Sam titles, Serious Sam 3, and various Serious Sam spin-off games.

In the end this means the two companies had a friendship, and now Devolver owns them. So what’s next? While they don’t get into details, there are a few hints dropped. Devolver confirms that The Talos Principal 2 and another mainline Serious Sam game are on the way. They also said that Croteam will be working on a new game in an original IP. It should all be rather interesting to see what’s next for the two.

Until then you can buy Serious Sam 4 right now on PC or Google Stadia.

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