Extra Ordinary Is Ultra-Retro Goodness From The Creator Of Faith

For a while now, Faith has been my go-to game to prove that I’m one of the cool kids. It’s a game so retro that it makes the original Alone in the Dark look cutting edge. And I’ll be damned (well, more so than I already am) if Faith isn’t fantastic. It’s scarier than games with over 30 years of graphical advancement. This is all thanks to the creator Airdorf, who has the uncanny ability to take things basic and make them spooky. While fans are still waiting for Faith: Chapter III, maybe Airdorf’s Extra Ordinary can tide you over.

Based on the 2019 film of the same name, Extra Ordinary is a goofy little retro romp. You play as a driving instructor named Rose on a quest to save a young girl from a satanic rock-star. Honestly, the plot is just window dressing. It’s essentially a collection of minigames. Each of them has simple mechanics that satisfyingly ramp into a decent challenge. Except for the goat one. Goat level is too hard. That one can blow a… well I guess itself.

I’ll see you in hell, goat level.

Overall, Extra Ordinary is certainly more lighthearted than Faith. But that’s okay. So was the movie. It’s a quick, fun, funky little comedy-horror game that you can play in your browser. For free even! So why not give it a shot? You can find Extra Ordinary on its itch.io page by clicking here. If you want to check out Airdorf’s other works, you can find his author page here.

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