The People Have Spoken, Gothic Getting Full Remake

When I first reported that a Gothic playable remake teaser was available, I predicted that it would probably see the full game treatment. It’s pretty hard to develop a game, even just a prototype demo. So I figured them sinking the money into it was more a marketing stunt than an actual attempt to gauge interest. Whatever. As long as I get more Gothic, I’m happy.

Regardless of their intent, it seems to have worked. Today, THQ Nordic released the results of their Gothic datamining operation. Here’s the recap from their Offical Press Release:

Just a little over two months after releasing a playable teaser for the Gothic Remake and asking the players for their feedback, the answer is clear: The fans are up for a new “old” Gothic game and the vast majority (read: 94,8%) was in favour to develop a remake of the iconic German RPG Gothic, originally released in 2001.

Over 180.000 players have played the playable teaser so far. On the evening (CET) of February 16 2020, THQ Nordic took the survey offline, and hereby publicly releases the raw data of the survey, as well as highlight graphs. With more than 43.000 answered surveys and over 9.000 (yes, really!) reviews on Steam and various discussions on all social media platforms, there is enough data to check.

Eager to check for yourself? As we want to start a transparent and open production with the community from the very start of the project, we are happy to offer you the results of our survey in a neat PDF file or – for the people who really want to dig into the raw data – the entire dataset with all 43.111 participants included.

If you want to check out the full numbers, you can click here to find the Gothic survey results PDF. Or, if you’re extra nutty, you can get the raw data here. Have fun nerds. What this means to me is that we’re getting another Gothic. There’s currently no release date or announced platforms for the Gothic remake. Check back soon when we have more data.

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