Goofy Tim Burton-esque Adventure Game Darkestville Castle Hits Consoles Next Month

We all love a bit of Tim Burton in our lives. After all, he directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, and that’s a movie that brings nothing but joy to my life. So it’s nice to see a few games try to work with his unique art style. One such game is Darkestville Castle, which hit PC back in 2017 was received quite well. Now console owners can pick the game up when it hits their platforms on August 13th.

Darkestville Castle puts you in the role of Cid, a vaguely lovable demon who tends to spend maybe a little too much time messing with the locals, as demons do. Unfortunately, a man named Dan Teapot hired professional demon hunters to do as demon hunters do. So now Cid has the problem of being banished. Thankfully, he’s all sorts of “cunning” so he’s going to get himself back into Darkestville. Probably.

The game is made to remind you of the adventure games of old. You know, the ones developed by people like Tim Schafer that ended up defining a whole era of games. You’ll be able to walk around, interact with people through a set list of commands, and probably pick up a bunch of items that you’ll need to use in strange and obscure ways to solve puzzles. It’s not an adventure game if you don’t follow at least a little moon logic!

If all this sounds like a fun time, Darkestville Castle will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 13th. There’s also a free demo you can try now, or you can get the full game on Steam.

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