Here’s The Rundown On New Hardcore Horror Shooter GTFO

I learned about GTFO a few days ago when one of my favorite gaming YouTubers AllShamNoWow posted a playthrough he did with some friends. I had never heard of it, but I’m guessing the developers 10 Chambers Collective is doing some kind of media push for the alpha. Though Mr. Sham generally features terrible games, GTFO looks shockingly good. There are a lot of Unreal engine coop shooters out there, but most of them are little more than half-baked gimmicks. A mix of Aliens, Left 4 Dead, and my nightmares, GTFO could be the shooter we all wished Aliens: Colonial Marines would be.

In the new trailer, developers go over GTFO‘s unique method of keeping content fresh. It’s called “The Rundown,” and represents the constantly evolving nature of GTFO. In short, all content in GTFO will be delivered in limited-time chunks. Each time the game updates with a new Rundown, the previous one is gone. Rundowns will vary in length and difficulty. One Rundown might be 5 levels and last two weeks. The next might be 12 levels and last two months. It’s a novel ideal, perfect for the Early Access phase of the game. With The Rundown, 10 Chambers Collective can constantly test new ideas while also delivering content. If you don’t like a new feature, chances are you won’t have to wait long for it to be patched out.

What I’m most excited for is GTFO‘s gameplay. From watching other videos, it’s clear that the game is tailored to be as hardcore as possible. Enemies themselves are weak, easily dispatched with a headshot or hammer strike. There are clear indicators of when enemies can see you. Every challenge has a solution. It’s all manageable, as long as you keep your wits about you. Then someone makes a mistake. Things go from fine to fucked in a heartbeat. The monsters are fast, ammo is scarce, and your well-laid plans become frantic shouts and a mad dash to safety. If you make it through, that’s when the real terror sets in. Your ammo is gone, health low, and gadgets all spent. And you still have 10 rooms to clear. Now what?

GTFO is the kind of game that seasoned cooperative FPS players are begging for. It’s not about having the flashiest guns with the biggest attachments. It’s about meaningfully working together to get through an otherwise impossible challenge. Each character has their own specialty and provides an integral role in survival. Enemies don’t drop any kind of loot, so you’ll need your lockpick guy to open chests. The hacker can ping the server to find where objectives and supply caches are located. If you bring a motion tracker, you can know if certain death lies right behind the next door. Use your foam gun to slow chokepoints and seal doors. Pair it with one of your very limited turrets, and you just might be safe. The point is, you’ll everyone will need to play their part to reach the finish line.

You can check out more on the GTFO Steam Store Page. It has yet to launch into Early Access, but will be available as soon as the first Rundown is ready. I really don’t have to fake my enthusiasm for this one. This is the kind of game that was made for me. You can bet your ass you can find me within the depths of the complex as soon as it’s available.

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