Blacktail Features Witchy Icon Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is one of the most famous, feared, and forceful witches in human mythology. She can appear alone or as a trio of witches. She flies about in a giant mortar and pestle and lives in a magical hut with chicken legs. In the upcoming Blacktail, players can experience an adaptation of her origin story.

While it takes a few liberties with the mythos, Blacktail tells the story of Yaga, a young lady exiled from her medieval village for practicing magic. But, not just any magic. Yaga was practicing witchcraft. A dark, mysterious voice guides Yaga along, encouraging her to take up the bow. Using her magic, gumption, and arrows, she will become the Baba Yaga.

Blacktail Screenshot Forest Lake
It seems like Yaga will explore plenty of beautiful places on her journey.

Yaga will track down living memories through otherworldly woods. She’ll also hunt down several missing children. Wicked spirits conceal both the secrets of Yaga’s past and her future. She’ll need to make choices. Those choices will affect whether she ultimately becomes a benevolent protector of the woods or a terrifying witch of nightmares, her name whispered in fear. Yaga will use her gauntlet and bow to protect herself, but she’ll acquire other abilities as well depending on her morality. The world of Blacktail also features a landscape that combines realism with dreamlike, storybook qualities.

The Parasight, the developing studio, boasts several experienced game developers among their rank. Their credits include Layers of Fear, and its sequel, Layers of Fear 2, Observer, Blair Witch, and 2021’s The Medium. The studio is based in Poland, with several former Bloober Team staff on the project.

Don’t forget to catch the trailer, and Wishlist the game on its Steam page. Blacktail will launch on Steam, the Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, with no date announced just yet.

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