Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: There’s A Lot More To DELUSIONAL Than Meets The Eye

Welcome back for an extra spoopy Daily Dose! DELUSIONAL is a game by itch.io developer The Minusel, also known for his other great piece, Traditional Scarecrow. This game is a brief in-browser horror experience where you play as a man named Philip, paid a paltry bounty of $205 in order to investigate the mysterious sounds coming from a seemingly abandoned house. 

Initially, DELUSIONAL appears to be an average quality horror game. At face value, it doesn’t look all too special. But as I played, I realized that it was actually a really funny experience. The grammar is, possibly intentionally, really bad, and the content itself becomes ridiculous, and more which I can’t spoil. It’s a great little spin on the walk-into-an-obviously-haunted-house genre. 

You can try DELUSIONAL for free on itch.io by clicking here. And you can check out the other games by The Minusel here

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