New Footage Leaks For Death Of Rose, Indie Game By Creator of The PC P.T. Remake, Hinting At Possible Future For Franchise

The impact that P.T. has had on the world of gaming is immeasurable. It’s spawned countless remakes and re-imaginings, including our very own Dread X Collection (coming May 26th). One of the most popular remakes was done by a Polish developer by the name of Artur Łączkowski. You can still find it here on itch.io, though you will need to subscribe to his Patreon for access. So when it was announced that Artur was making his very own horror game, fans were hyped. Titled Death of Rose, the game was going to be some kind of mix between the dialogue of Firewatch and the reality-warping spookiness of Silent Hill. Unfortunately, Death of Rose also met an untimely end. The only explanation was this cryptic Tweet:

Since then, people have been understandably curious as to the reasoning behind the game’s abrupt cancellation. The vague nature of the cancellation announcement further complicates the matter, leaving the door open for the project to be revived. It wouldn’t be the first time a “cancelled” project comes back as something entirely new. Still, we don’t have any concrete answers. Artur is currently employed by Bloober Team, and is working on the recently unveiled The Medium. If I were willing to hazard a guess, that is taking up most of his time.

However, we were contacted today by an individual who stated they had some new information on the ill-fated project. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, reached out with the above footage from Death of Rose.

According to the source, the video is currently being used as part of Artur’s private portfolio of works. As you can see in the video, the protagonist Scott is shown in a school gymnasium pouring over his works. The voice-over talks of Scott’s journey as an artist, unexpected fame, making it into a university, and becoming disenfranchised by the eternal pursuit of something ever greater. It ends with Scott promising that the day would come when he could show off his masterpiece.

Okay, for those of you paying attention, there are some pretty clear takeaways from the trailer. Scott being an artist who got a lot of media attention from recreating someone elses work? Getting a place in a major university to study his craft? Wanting to release his greatest work? It’s pretty clear that the trailer is talking about Artur’s journey as a game designer. This means that the ending that promises that, “one day, I will be able to finish my masterpiece,” is incredibly promising for those of us that want to see Death of Rose.

I reached out to Artur to comment, and he was able to clear up a few things about the video. First and foremost, I did get the okay for him to post the video. He stated that now that it was out there, I was okay to host it. First off, he confirmed that the footage is actually from the game Death of Rose. That disclaimer at the end about the footage having, “no direct relation to Death of Rose” is meant to be a disclaimer that the project is still, “cancelled.” I asked him if it is really cancelled, or just being worked on behind the scenes. Artur replied by stating that he is presently not working on the game and that all his attention is focused on The Medium. When I asked if the narration was simply about the game or part of Death of Rose‘s story, he simply stated that it is, “hard to tell.” When asked for further comment, he stated that he couldn’t share any more information.

It’s very clear from the trailer that something is coming for Death of Rose. Or at least, Artur wants there to be something coming. And with an artist this passionate, I’d be shocked if this stayed canceled forever. In an industry that is so heavy with NDAs and unannounced projects, I’m willing to bet there’s a lot more truth to this video than what we can confirm. You can always follow Artur on Twitter to see if he posts future updates.

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