Zombies Mode Comes To CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE

It’s been fun watching Call of Duty‘s Zombies mode grow over time. Originally just an Easter Egg, the mode has grown into a pivotal part of the Call of Duty experience. It’s absence is severely felt when it doesn’t make it into the newest games (hint hint, Modern Warfare). When Call of Duty: Mobile dropped, the whole internet was equal parts shocked and impressed with just how good it is. It’s not a cheap knockoff, it IS Call of Duty on your phone. The only problem? It didn’t have zombies.

Well, it seems Activision have seen the error of their ways. The newest update to Call of Duty: Mobile brings the famous Zombies mode to your mobile device. And all is right in the world once more. The mode features the return of the Shi No Numa map, with new objectives and bosses. Originally only available as a DLC map for Call of Duty: World at War, Shi No Numa is the perfect starting point to bring the mode back to its classic roots. Players will board windows, shoot zombies, complete objectives, unlock new areas… you know the drill. As Call of Duty: Mobile was Call of Duty on your phone, the Zombies mode is Zombies on your phone.

There are a few new key features in the Mobile Zombies mode. First off, players can tackle the map in a new Raid mode. Raid mode is like the traditional Survival mode, but after a set number of rounds you’re teleported to a boss fight. The boss for Shi No Numa is called the Abomination. It’s a scorpion… zombie… thing? Whatever, shoot it with bullets until it’s dead to earn prizes. There’s also a second secret boss that can only be unlocked in Hardcore mode. Of course there is. This is Zombies. If it didn’t have a secret boss and tons of Easter Eggs, I’d be shocked.

Remember, this is a limited-time event. It’s free for all players, but you’ll have to reach Level 5 to unlock the new mode. Which takes like, 5 minutes. No word yet on when the mode will end, but as this mode launches in conjunction with Season 2 of the regular Call of Duty: Mobile I expect plenty more updates and new content to come. If you want to know more, you can check out the whole shebang on the official Activision Blog. So get to shooting, and link me the most succinct Easter Egg video with the least commentary when you find it!

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