GTFO 1.0 Out of Early Access

Last night, developer 10 Chambers announced the launch of GTFO. After two years of Early Access in the program, it has finally exited and graduated to a full release as GTFO 1.0.

Version 1.0 brings massive improvements to the table and new content to GTFO. Along with new game environments, communication tools, and weapons, you can now play with bots, customize characters, access checkpoints, and more. The GTFO 1.0 update also includes better matchmaking, updated graphical rendering, better animations, and, again, more. It’s on Steam now, and those who already own it can update now to Version 1.0.

GTFO 1.0 Screenshot Fog and Monster
Hm, well, no.

GTFO is 10 Chambers’ first title, in development since 2015. The crew boasts veterans known for bank-robbing co-op title PAYDAY: The Heist and sequel PAYDAY 2. Originally revealed at The Game Awards in 2017 and released to Early Access on Steam in 2019, 10 Chambers debuted the launch trailer live during this year’s awards.

“After being in development since 2015 and in Early Access since 2019, GTFO is finally ready for Version 1.0. Over the last year, we’ve been polishing everything we already have in the game while adding new features. We have worked hard to welcome new players while at the same time challenging our hardcore audience. I believe you will find GTFO a challenging but enjoyable experience thanks to our updated expeditions and our new combat buddies, the bots. If you played GTFO during Early Access, you should notice a huge difference in quality and see how the improvements make the extremely challenging parts more fun to tackle.”

Ulf Andersson, Creative Director for GTFO

GTFO 1.0 is available now on Steam. There’s a special promotion for 25% off until December 22. If you’ve been waiting, now’s a great time to, well, GTFO and Get The Freaking Objectives.