Ikai Creeping to March Release

Ikai will release late this March, according to a press release from PM Studios and Endflame. Starting March 29, players can pick up Ikai on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Your only defense against the myriad demons is your calligraphy. You can Wishlist Ikai on Steam now, and download a demo to preview it ahead of time. A physical version will be available alongside the digital release and include a special sticker sheet and postcard. Physical copies will cost $34.99 (or your regional equivalent) at various retailers, including Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon.

The first-person psychological horror title will feature all sorts of evil Japanese spirits. Only carefully-traced kanji have the power to protect the player from the demons’ fell attacks. The spirits, monsters, and yokai will recoil at the strength contained therein. Wander around a feudal-era Shinto shrine and explore the area to learn about Naoko, the main character. Practice drawing your protective seals without becoming distracted by the sounds and scares around you. And, if all else fails, run and hide. That could buy you some time, maybe? Don’t forget that there’s a whole announcement trailer from last October on Endflame’s YouTube channel.

Ikai Screenshot
There’s a distinct Fatal Frame vibe to the environment of Ikai, which will launch late March on PCs, the Nintendo Switch, and Sony consoles.

Endflame is a small three-person studio working out of Barcelona, Spain. Their goal is to immerse players in their experiences with lifelike stories. Ikai will be the studio’s first title to debut on Steam.

PM Studios has offices in Los Angeles, California, and Seoul, Korea. Founded in 2008, the independent developer and publisher specializes in interactive entertainment and mobile applications. Other titles from the company include Squish, No Longer Human, Alchemic Cutie, and others. You can find a full list of their games on the company website.