In Sound Mind Is A Silent Hill Style Psychadelic Psychological Psychiatrist Horror

“Psychological horror” is a term thrown about often. “Psychologist horror,” however, not so much. We first heard about In Sound Mind back in June. Looking like a mostly standard dark-hallways-spooky-mannequins FPS horror, what set In Sound Mind apart was the interesting use of color. With this latest Gamescom trailer, we see there’s a whole lot more than that.

In Sound Mind is the story of a psychiatrist named Desmond Wales. Following a number of difficult sessions with patients exhibiting the same bizarre psychological symptoms, which all inevitably end with death. While searching for answers, he too begins to experience these same symptoms, and eventually winds up within a strange plane of consciousness. Trapped in this deadly mindscape, Desmond must get to the bottom of what is causing this terrible shared nightmare.

This latest look at In Sound Mind shows us just a bit more, and that’s enough for me to get really excited. Most notably, the gun. What originally seemed like an Outlast-style game, where you were sneaking around without any means of defending yourself, now makes the upcoming title more like Silent Hill. More classic survival horror elements are always welcome.

For more information, or to try the In Sound Mind demo on Steam, click here.

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