New MMO Shooter PLAN 8 Looks Like TERMINATOR Mixed with ELYSIUM

Before we begin, I’m well aware that MMOs are known for their pretty trailers. When you watch the newest trailer for World of Warcraft, and you’re essentially ingesting very pretty lies. It’s more of a proof of concept, an unobtainable ideal for the MMO to strive for. I understand all of this. But with Plan 8, I want it all to be real. I want it all so very very bad. Please Pearl Abyss, make Plan 8 as awesome as this trailer looks. My faith in the future of gaming depends on it.

As the trailer shows, Plan 8 looks like a mashup of everything I love. Its got the Elysium exosuits (the best part of that movie), Terminator robots, a Horizon Zero Dawn bow, and Binary Domain amounts of bullets. I could go through the trailer and pick out all the other awesome moments, but I’d just be giving you a frame-by-frame breakdown. Everything in this trailer is badass.

“Ted, you’re a fool. It’s an Asian MMO. It’s going to be pay-to-win trash with no endgame!” I know. I know it probably will. I know there’s a big difference between, “this trailer uses in-game footage,” and, “gameplay trailer.” But let me dream. Besides, it’s got the guy that made Counter-Strike on the dev team. It has to be good then, right? From the Official Press Release:

PLAN 8 features realistic graphics set within an expansive sci-fi world filled with interesting and mysterious storylines. Pearl Abyss is utilizing their famous MMORPG combat system to create a whole new type of shooter.

PLAN 8 is a new exosuit MMO shooter developed by Minh Le as Technical Advisor and Seungki Lee as Lead Producer. Minh Le is well known for being the co-creator of the Counter-Strike series and brings his expertise in the shooter genre, while Seungki Lee worked as the former environment art director of Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile.

I’m seriously about to invent a God to believe in and pray to that this game is good. No word yet as to when the game drops, or what systems it might be on. Chances are this is a next-gen title, so it might be a ways off. All just extra time to make sure it’s this baller. Please FSM, reach out your noodly appendage and make it transcend.

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