The Surge 2

New “You Are What You Kill” Trailer Shows Off The Surge 2’s Bloody Loot-By-Dismemberment

If anyone remembers anything about The Surge, it’s the dismemberment. I was a pretty big fan of the first game, largely on the back of these gruesome executions. I’m a huge fan of spectacle, so any excuse to shove it into gameplay is fine with me. When you find a creative way to integrate spectacle decapitations into core mechanics, that’s an A+. With The Surge 2 on the horizon, on the top of my wishlist is more severed limbs severed by more weapons in more outlandish ways. Apparently Deck 13 and I are on the same wavelength, as today the “You Are What You Kill” trailer dropped. Check it out:

If you aren’t familiar, The Surge is a sci-fi videogame similar to the Dark Souls series. Checkpoints respawn enemies, stamina bar to dodge and block, difficult fights, etc. Aside from the dystopian industrial sci-fi feel, The Surge set itself apart by allowing you to loot specific body parts. And by loot, I mean beat down and chop off. You could target individual limbs (including the head and torso), making combat a game of attacking weakpoints vs attacking shiny loot you really wanted. Would you rather smack around their unarmored leg, or wail on their heavy chestpiece and try to take it?

With The Surge 2, we’re looking to see more of this “creative” looting. As the trailer shows, a core element is still taking what you want in the most visceral way possible. I’m personally most interested to see how this works for boss characters, who in the previous game would drop special loot when certain conditions were met. Regardless, I’ll be happy to slap around some more evil robots soon.

The Surge 2 is releasing September 24th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Check back then for our full review!

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