Nuclear Throne Developer Vlambeer Shutting Down, All Their Games Currently on Sale

Ten years ago, on September 1st 2010, Vlambeer was formed and, before the year was out, released both Super Crate Box and Radical Fishing to critical acclaim. Exactly ten years later the indie studio has announced they will be shutting down.

Don’t worry, as this isn’t sad news. Vlambeer was made up of two developers: Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman. The two simply are focusing on different things now. Rami will continue to be an advocate for diversity in the games industry, while Jan will be assisting development on indie games. The two do still have one more game in development, known as ULTRABUGS, but there’s currently no word on when that game will release.

If you missed any of Vlambeer’s titles, nearly all of them are on sale on Steam. This includes games like the popular twin-stick shooter roguelike Nuclear Throne, the intense arcade-like World War 2 styled SHMUP LUFTRAUSERS, or the hilarious spin-off game Serious Sam: The Random Encounter. As an added bonus, Vlambeer has released FFFLOOD, a prototype for a tower defense game they kept working on but never felt like they got to a state which they wanted to release it. You can play that free on

While it’s always sad to see a developer go, it’s good to know Vlambeer is leaving on their own terms. You can put ULTRABUGS on your wishlist and pick the game up when it finally launches.

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