Observer Coming To Next-Gen Consoles With New Content

When we heard that Observer was returning with Observer: System Redux, a lot of people were disappointed it wasn’t Observer 2. Observer was a fantastic blend of genres, mixing horror, cyberpunk, detective, and dystopia into one glorious package. However, it hasn’t sold as well as some of developer Bloober Team’s other titles. Which is a real shame. Gamers the world over will have a new chance to correct this horrible oversight with this newest edition, coming to next-gen consoles.

While not a lot of specifics have been revealed about what is to come in Observer: System Redux, we do have confirmation that there will be new story content. Here’s some more details from the Official Press Release:

Bloober Team has rebuilt its award-winning cyberpunk thriller, Observer, with augmented visuals, gameplay, and story as Observer: System Redux for next-generation consoles. Considered one of the scariest games currently available, and one the best cyberpunk games coming to next-generation consoles, System Redux is the definitive vision of this horror tale, coming for the 2020 holiday season.

The unique blend of cyberpunk and horror in System Redux features Rutger Hauer in one of his last voice-acting roles (Dan Lazarski/Observer) and the team views the title as a tribute to the late film star. The game also stars Polish musician and actor Arkadiusz Jakubik as Janus Jukowski, a veteran struggling with early model cybernetics.

While System Redux is a remaster of the original Observer, it features some completely new, never-seen-before story. Get a first look at some of the new content in the announcement trailer below!

I’m sure more news will drop before Observer: System Redux drops for Holiday 2020. Until then, we all just have to hope it’s extra mutant animal organ harvesting moral choices. Gotta love that next level disturbing shit.

If you want to learn more about Observer, check out our interview with the game’s writer here!

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