Ray’s The Dead Rising From Its Grave This Month

Flash back to 2013 and Sony is on stage at E3 showing some of the indie games coming to PlayStation 4. One such game is Ray’s The Dead, newly announced at the show. In fact, the game has been in the “coming soon” tab on the PlayStation Store since it was announced. Now it’s finally launching on October 22nd this year.

Its certainly been a long time, including an E3 showing and a Kickstarter in 2014 that made a little over $51,700 for the game. However, despite this, it saw a lengthy development cycle that has unfortunately had one casualty. The PlayStation Vita version of the game appears to have been canceled, likely due to the fact that the Vita isn’t really a thing anymore. Still, a Nintendo Switch version is on the way now, and you can get your undead hands on the game soon.

If you haven’t heard of Ray’s The Dead before, the game follows a zombie named Ray LaMorte in the year 1989. Ray isn’t sure how he died, but he’s sure going to find out. How? By raising an army of undead, whom he can control. Taking some cues from Pikman, you’ll order your zombies around and they’ll fight for you, solve puzzles, and carry heavy objects while you try to figure out what exactly lead to your early death.

Ray’s The Dead will be launching on PC and PlayStation 4 on October 22nd, with a Nintendo Switch version following sometime in 2021. You can add the game to your wishlist here.

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