Rune II Getting Campaign Overhaul Update Soon

Game launches can’t always go how you want. Rune II had a rather unfortunate launch that left the game in a bit of a crummy shape. However, the publisher isn’t giving up and a new developer was formed to fix the game. Soon we’ll see that happen.

On September 9th a new update will be pushed to the game that seeks to overhaul the campaign. Titled the Campaign Update, it will add plenty of new features and systems to hopefully improve the experience. One of the biggest features is that the entire narrative will be rewritten, bringing a new, and hopefully better, story to the game. New dungeons will also provide a challenge, and a new skill tree will give you a much more clear path towards upgrades.

Also the update is adding werebears so I mean… Yeah, bring it on.

Rune II had quite a bit of a rocky launch. The original developers, Human Head Studios, were accused of missing several milestones and withholding Rune II‘s source code from the publisher. Furthermore, they shut down the studio the same day Rune II launched. Publisher Ragnarok Games formed a new studio, Studio 369, with the sole purpose of reworking Rune II into a better product. Hopefully, their efforts will pay off.

You can currently get Rune II on the Epic Games Store, and it’ll be hitting Steam some time in November.

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