Take Arachnophobia To It’s Most Extreme In Kill It With Fire

Arachnophobia is some serious shit. I’m lucky enough to not be cursed with it, but I have a few friends that have a bad case of the spider spooks. We tend to use the term, “kill it with fire” as a meme. But I would actually believe that these friends would burn down a house to kill a nasty 8-legged creeper inside. So it’s nice to see a game that lets you get into mindspace. In Kill it With Fire, you too can now experience the kind of blind rage that would compel you to destroy your own home to get rid of a bug.

From former Rooster Teeth alumni Casey Donnellan and publisher tinyBuild, Kill it With Fire is a bold new take on horror. And by bold new take on horror, I mean a comedic take on an actual phobia. Hey, it’s still probably gonna be scary to most people! Just look at how creepy that spider looks. Gives me shivers.

The premise of Kill it With Fire is simple. You must hunt down spiders and kill them with a variety of insane weapons. One of those weapons, presumably, being fire. It’s got dozens of weapons, “realistic” fire simulations, and plenty of destruction. It also promises that you’ll, “finally learn the truth about spiders.” I’m not sure what that means, but I’m willing to bet they don’t all want to give us candy.

Kill it With Fire is coming to PC this July, and you can learn more about it on its Steam page here. And while you’re at it, why not give the demo a shot? Experience a half-hour of spider killing mayhem for free with Kill it With Fire: Ignition. What you got to lose, other than your blissful ignorance of the true nefarious spider agenda?

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