Saint Kotar Coming to PCs in October

Saint Kotar is an upcoming psychological horror adventure, and it will release this October. It will be available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG just in time for Halloween. A trailer dropped this Wednesday to show off the player character’s spiraling descent into insanity.

As a point-and-click adventure, Saint Kotar features Benedek and Nikolay. The two men journey in search of a missing woman, and find themselves in a rural hamlet in Croatia suffering from a plague of murders and strange, inexplicable happenings. The ancient town supposedly has ties to devil worship and witchcraft, and the two pious men will need to overcome the lurking dangers. Saint Kotar is story-driven, and features various branching storylines with multiple endings. Benedek and Nikolav’s actions will ripple through the community, with the consequences affecting the citizens, each other, and even themselves. Coupled with its dark, hand-painted graphics and voiced narration, the world should be easy to lose your mind in. It definitely brings old adventure games to mind, especially with the genre’s revitalization in recent years.

Saint Kotar Screenshot
The world of Saint Kotar provides a beautiful sort of gloom to its setpieces.

Saint Kotar is developed by Red Martyr Entertainment. Based in Croatia, the studio launched in 2019 with three core members. This is the studio’s first release after a successful Kickstarter last year.

Soedesco, the publisher, was founded in 2002. Based in Rotterdam, the company focuses on interactive entertainment. Previous titles include Owlboy, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Monster Crown, Among the Sleep, Remothered: Tormented Fathers, and Monstrum. The studio also has its own IPs, such as Real Farm and Adam’s Venture.

Don’t forget to check out the trailer. You can also Wishlist it on Steam to get all the latest information about Saint Kotar and its development process. It should announce a more definite release date in the near future. We covered a bit of Saint Kotar last July, so if the world’s intrigued you be sure to read up on Sam’s coverage.