Symbaroum: Alberetor - The Haunted Waste Banner Art

Symbaroum: Alberetor – The Haunted Waste Released

A new installment to the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns released earlier this week. Starting on Tuesday, players could pick up a copy of Symbaroum: Alberetor – The Haunted Waste, which comes with a free PDF version for the digital age. Each adventure in the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns can be played sequentially or as a standalone game, since it’s all part of the same saga. All of the adventures take place in the dark fantasy world and system of Symbaroum. As this is an expansion, you will require access to the Symbaroum Core Rulebook before you can properly play.

Symbaroum: Alberetor – The Haunted Waste comes with several new features and expansions to the game’s setting. The Haunted Waste provides an adventure where the players travel to and explore the dark realm south of the Titans. There are new maps and descriptions for Alberetor and Lyastra, acting as gazetteers for the region. Rules for traveling the south and encounter tables add danger to the journey. Lore on the Ambrian civil war provides adventure hooks as well as information about the battlefields. Lastly, there are new tables and mishaps to experience, along with content to help run custom adventures in the south and the battle-scarred region of Ambria.

Symbaroum: Alberetor - The Haunted Waste artwork
From bogs to decaying battlefields, there’s lots to explore in Symbaroum: Alberetor – The Haunted Waste.

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