Shadow Warrior 3 Is The Most Visceral And Vertical Of The Series Yet

We first heard about Shadow Warrior 3 not even a week ago. Originally a Build Engine FPS, Shadow Warrior is about Lo Wang, a vulgar bodyguard turned assassin who must fight all manner of Yokai and bad guy. To take down an unstoppable ancient dragon, this iteration of Shadow Warrior has you teaming up with Zilla, the former ally, nemesis, and ally again.

This newest sequel to Shadow Warrior is the most exciting yet. With a new trailer showing wall runs, grappling hooks, ridiculous firearms, and even more ridiculous enemies, Shadow Warrior 3 seems headed in the direction of Doom Eternal in terms of mobility and carnage. 

Shadow Warrior 3 is scheduled for launch sometime in 2021. You can check out the game and wishlist it on the Steam page here.

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