SKALD: Against the Black Priory is a Rad Looking Retro Dark Fantasy RPG

Usually when you think retro RPG you think Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. They’re jRPGs that provide good stories and interesting turn-based combat. This isn’t the case with SKALD: Against the Black Priory, a new retro-styled RPG that takes on some dark fantasy tropes.

The game has you take the role of a created character, who will gather a party of six and explore a mysterious and deadly land known as the Black Priory. Naturally, the land is rather deadly. From bandit queens that may command armies of rats, to deadly creatures that just pull sailors off of boats and into the deep, you’ll have plenty you need to watch out for. Survive, and you may just find all sorts of goodies. Or you’ll just find more terrible things. Most likely that.

In addition to all this, SKALD has made the rounds on a couple of crowdfunding sites. The game made about $20,000 on a Kickstarter campaign, then proceeded to make an additional $32,000 on Indiegogo. As such, it certainly seems like the kind of game people are quite interested in right now, and hopefully, it manages to impress that crowd.

SKALD: Against the Black Priory will be launching into Early Access on Steam sometime this Fall. You can keep an eye on the game’s website here.

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